The SHINE project is a Seventh Framework Programme which aims for the development of self-healing elastomers for dynamic seals and vibration and noise abatement systems. It will consider the concept on the basis of covalent and non-covalent bonding, which can provide a repeatable healing response as a result of reversible reactivity. SHINE will investigate both the healing mechanisms of pure elastomers and composites made of elastomers. The methods for the design of these types of elastomer, tailor-made fillers and self-healing composites are given in a systematic manner. The SHINE project is intended to develop elastomers with mechanical properties comparable to conventional ones (with 60% recovery of the initial properties after healing), repeatable self-healing (preventive versus curative healing), operable at room temperature and without human intervention. If successful, the impact of the SHINE project will reduce transportation costs by reducing the maintenance burden of infrastructures, as shown by the cost-benefit analysis.

The overall impact could be remarkable because of the anticipated effects in three domains:

  • economic impact: long-lasting and cost-saving seals for vehicles, heavy-duty seals for wind turbines, vibration abatement systems for roads and bridges, noise abatement systems, asphalt mixtures;
  • social impact: increased reliability, enhanced safety, fewer accidents;
  • environmental impact: reduction of maintenance costs, energy savings, cuts in pollutants.

The consortium consists of two universities, four research centres, five large companies and one SME.  All the partners will combine their expertise and competences to develop innovative self-healing elastomers.

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For the latest information about the FINAL SHINE workshop please click here. All scientific publications can be found here and all other dissemination activities (presentations & posters) please click here.

Please look at the movie Cidetec produced to explain what they are working on in SHINE:

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